Moral Development and Moral Failure


Irish Philosophical Society Annual Conference 20-21 October 2023

Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, Ireland

DAY 1 - Friday October 20th
8:30 - 9:00Registration and WelcomeFelix Ó Murchadha (University of Galway)
9:00 – 10:30Panel 1Virtues, Moral Education and Youth
9:00– 9:30Transformative Virtues in Character EducationMatilde LibertiUniversity of Genoa
9:30 – 10:00Moral Education under Moral UncertaintyRon Aboodi (online)Tel Aviv University
10:00–10:30The Mitigating Force of Youth: A Developmental Opportunity TheoryBenjamin EwingQueen’s University (Canada)
10:30 – 10:45Break
10:45 – 12:15Panel 2Emotion in Moral Development and Moral FailureDaniel Vazquez (Mary Immaculate College)
10:45-11:15Second Order Fear and Moral FailureAmy McKiernan and Daniel P. HaggertyDickinson College; University of Scranton
11:15-11:45Synthesizing Perspectives Lovingly: Murdoch and the JainsRaja RosenhagenUniversity of Pittsburgh
11:45-12:15Autism and character education: the role of emotionMeredith PlugUniversity College Dublin
12:15-1:30Keynote 1With Hope Through Uncertainty: How the philosophy of education can respond to moral failureKaty DineenUniversity College CorkFelix Ó Murchadha (University of Galway)
1:30-2:30pmLunch Break
2:30-4:00pmPanel 3Grief, Moral Damage and PunishmentCatherine Kavanagh (Mary Immaculate College)
2:30-3:00What does the Epicurean therapy of grief tell us about moral developmentCristóbal ZarzarCambridge University
3:00-3:30Practicing Proactive Grief for Moral DevelopmentYing YaoBoston University
3:30-4:00Moral Damage and Moral FailureGrace HibshmanUniversity of Notre Dame
4:00-4:30Moral Injury: A Second-Personal AnalysisKen OshitaniUniversity of Tokyo
4:45-6:00pmKeynote 2Holding ourselves responsible: when what rightly matters doesn’t really matterLisa Tessman SUNY at BinghamtonDaniel Vazquez (Mary Immaculate College)
7:30pmConference Dinner, The French Table Restaurant. 1 Steamboat Quay, Dock Rd, Mountkennet, Limerick
DAY 2 - Saturday October 21st
Location: G10, Foundation Building, Mary Immaculate College – with the Exception of Panel 4b (parallel with Panel 4a) - see below
9:00-10:30Panel 4aForgiveness, Supererogationism and Moral PerfectionismBasil Vassilicos
(Mary Immaculate College)
9:00-9:30Kagan's Anti-supererogationism: A Communitarian CritiqueGenco GuralpUniversity of Limerick
9:30-10:00Forgiveness, Engagement, and Moral DevelopmentCathy DarlingUniversity College Dublin
10:00-10:30Moral perfectionism, failure and moral developmentVianney DomingoUniversity of Navarre
9:00-10:30Panel 4b
Room JHN221, Newman Building
Revenge, Moral Failure and DisagreementAngelo Bottone (Dublin Business School)
9:00-9:30Life’s a B*tch, Now So Am I.” Catwoman, Moral Damage and Revenge.Eduardo Torres (online)Trinity College Dublin
9:30-10:00Deep disagreements and moral progressJordi Fairhurst (online)KU Leuven
10:00-10:30Moral Development and Moral Failure in PragmatismJuho Lindholm (online)University of Tartu
10:30 – 10:45Break
10:45-12:15Panel 5Moral Ignorance, Evil and Moral DevelopmentDaniel Vazquez (Mary Immaculate College)
10:45-11:15Moral Ignorance and FailureFrantišek Špinka (online)Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
11:15-11:45Thoughtlessness and Moral FailureMichael HardimanIndependent Scholar
11:45-12:15Moral Failure and Models of Moral DevelopmentCarissa Phillips-GarrettLoyola Marymount University
12:15-1:30Keynote 3The distinctive moral failure of negligenceChristopher CowleyUCDCatherine Kavanagh
(Mary Immaculate College)
1:30-2:30pmLunch Break
2:30-4:30pmPanel 6Attention, Dialogue and DisagreementLucy Elvis (University of Galway)
2:30-3:00Moral Failure: Evil yet right actsLaura Puumala University of Turku
3:00-3:30Is ‘Attention-Based’ Literature a Source for Moral Improvement?Michela DianettiUniversity of Galway
3:30-4:00Ethical dialogue with remote futures (or aliens or elephants): Williams's skepticism and a Cardian responseBasil VassilicosMary Immaculate
4:30 – 6:00pmPanel 7Bioenhancement, Neural Indeterminism and Corporate EthicsFelix Ó Murchadha (University of Galway)
4:30-5:00Moral bioenhancement, freedom, and psychopathyDaniel LeeUniversity of Galway
5:00-5:30Corporate Moral DevelopmentSergei LevinFlorida State University
5:30-6:00Moral Development, Neural IndeterminismMaria Sekatskaya (online)Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf