“Philosophy in the Public Space” Conference

Trinity College Dublin, 21-22nd October 2022

Conference programme available here


We live in a time of multiple crises when philosophy’s public role is once again a matter of significant concern. Much public discourse, whether in parliaments and public squares, on traditional or social media, seems far removed from ideals of reasoned discussion, which philosophers have championed and continue to uphold. What role philosophy has or can have in public life remains, however, unclear. Since Socrates practised philosophy in the agora, philosophers have repeatedly affirmed philosophical discourse as a public pursuit. Under such a view, engagement in public life is not simply peripheral to philosophy, but part of its core mission, characterising the philosopher as a committed member of their community, aiming to inform the public discourse on issues of common importance.

To address such topics, we are delighted to announce the Annual Conference of the Irish Philosophical Society which will take place in Trinity College Dublin (21-22 October 2022). We have three excellent keynote speakers and 23 papers, ranging in topics from Social Media to Pandemics, from Philosophy for Children to Deliberative Engagement, from questions of Trust to issues of Uncertainty. The concept of Public Philosophy will be discussed and historical exemplars of Public Philosophers analysed.

Three Keynote Speakers:

Twenty-four Speakers presenting 19 Papers

To Register, all you have to do is register to join the Society (free admission to the conference for all society members). There will be an extra charge for the Conference dinner. Details to follow.