Moral Development and Moral Failure


Irish Philosophical Society Annual Conference 20-21 October 2023

Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, Ireland

DAY 1 - Friday October 20th
8:30 - 9:00Registration and WelcomeFelix Ó Murchadha (University of Galway)
9:00 – 10:30Panel 1Virtues, Moral Education and Youth
9:00– 9:30Transformative Virtues in Character EducationMatilde LibertiUniversity of Genoa
9:30 – 10:00Moral Education under Moral UncertaintyRon Aboodi (online)Tel Aviv University
10:00–10:30The Mitigating Force of Youth: A Developmental Opportunity TheoryBenjamin EwingQueen’s University (Canada)
10:30 – 10:45Break
10:45 – 12:15Panel 2Emotion in Moral Development and Moral FailureDaniel Vazquez (Mary Immaculate College)
10:45-11:15Second Order Fear and Moral FailureAmy McKiernan and Daniel P. HaggertyDickinson College; University of Scranton
11:15-11:45Synthesizing Perspectives Lovingly: Murdoch and the JainsRaja RosenhagenUniversity of Pittsburgh
11:45-12:15Autism and character education: the role of emotionMeredith PlugUniversity College Dublin
12:15-1:30Keynote 1With Hope Through Uncertainty: How the philosophy of education can respond to moral failureKaty DineenUniversity College CorkFelix Ó Murchadha (University of Galway)
1:30-2:30pmLunch Break
2:30-4:00pmPanel 3Grief, Moral Damage and PunishmentCatherine Kavanagh (Mary Immaculate College)
2:30-3:00What does the Epicurean therapy of grief tell us about moral developmentCristóbal ZarzarCambridge University
3:00-3:30Practicing Proactive Grief for Moral DevelopmentYing YaoBoston University
3:30-4:00Moral Damage and Moral FailureGrace HibshmanUniversity of Notre Dame
4:00-4:30Moral Injury: A Second-Personal AnalysisKen OshitaniUniversity of Tokyo
4:45-6:00pmKeynote 2Holding ourselves responsible: when what rightly matters doesn’t really matterLisa Tessman SUNY at BinghamtonDaniel Vazquez (Mary Immaculate College)
7:30pmConference Dinner, The French Table Restaurant. 1 Steamboat Quay, Dock Rd, Mountkennet, Limerick
DAY 2 - Saturday October 21st
Location: G10, Foundation Building, Mary Immaculate College – with the Exception of Panel 4b (parallel with Panel 4a) - see below
9:00-10:30Panel 4aForgiveness, Supererogationism and Moral PerfectionismBasil Vassilicos
(Mary Immaculate College)
9:00-9:30Kagan's Anti-supererogationism: A Communitarian CritiqueGenco GuralpUniversity of Limerick
9:30-10:00Forgiveness, Engagement, and Moral DevelopmentCathy DarlingUniversity College Dublin
10:00-10:30Moral perfectionism, failure and moral developmentVianney DomingoUniversity of Navarre
9:00-10:30Panel 4b
Room JHN221, Newman Building
Revenge, Moral Failure and DisagreementAngelo Bottone (Dublin Business School)
9:00-9:30Life’s a B*tch, Now So Am I.” Catwoman, Moral Damage and Revenge.Eduardo Torres (online)Trinity College Dublin
9:30-10:00Deep disagreements and moral progressJordi Fairhurst (online)KU Leuven
10:00-10:30Moral Development and Moral Failure in PragmatismJuho Lindholm (online)University of Tartu
10:30 – 10:45Break
10:45-12:15Panel 5Moral Ignorance, Evil and Moral DevelopmentDaniel Vazquez (Mary Immaculate College)
10:45-11:15Moral Ignorance and FailureFrantišek Špinka (online)Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
11:15-11:45Thoughtlessness and Moral FailureMichael HardimanIndependent Scholar
11:45-12:15Moral Failure and Models of Moral DevelopmentCarissa Phillips-GarrettLoyola Marymount University
12:15-1:30Keynote 3The distinctive moral failure of negligenceChristopher CowleyUCDCatherine Kavanagh
(Mary Immaculate College)
1:30-2:30pmLunch Break
2:30-4:30pmPanel 6Attention, Dialogue and DisagreementLucy Elvis (University of Galway)
2:30-3:00Moral Failure: Evil yet right actsLaura Puumala University of Turku
3:00-3:30Is ‘Attention-Based’ Literature a Source for Moral Improvement?Michela DianettiUniversity of Galway
3:30-4:00Ethical dialogue with remote futures (or aliens or elephants): Williams's skepticism and a Cardian responseBasil VassilicosMary Immaculate
4:30 – 6:00pmPanel 7Bioenhancement, Neural Indeterminism and Corporate EthicsFelix Ó Murchadha (University of Galway)
4:30-5:00Moral bioenhancement, freedom, and psychopathyDaniel LeeUniversity of Galway
5:00-5:30Corporate Moral DevelopmentSergei LevinFlorida State University
5:30-6:00Moral Development, Neural IndeterminismMaria Sekatskaya (online)Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf





Online Seminar series 2023

The Irish Philosophical Society would like to invite you to join our online Seminar Series 2023. This is an opportunity to hear emerging researchers present their work, especially PG students across universities in Ireland (occasionally with participants from overseas institutions). This event is bi-weekly on Wednesdays, starting February 1st 2023. The full program is shown below:

Date  Time  Speaker & (Affiliation)  Title 
February 1st    4-4.40pm  Dr. Andrea Di Carlo  (University College Cork)  Foucault and the Reformation 
4.45-5.25pm  Agnese Casellato  (University College Dublin)  Anti-Individualist Rejoinders to Quine’s Indeterminacy Conjecture 
February 15th     4-4.40pm  Charles Quinn (University College Dublin & Copenhagen University) The Latency of Experience in Phenomenology and Psychoanalysis: An Implicit Ethics of Subjectivity in Merleau-Ponty and Lacan 
4.45-5.25pm  Danny Forde (University College Cork)  Psychedelic realism – phenomenology of psychedelic experiences 
March 1st   4-4.40pm  Francesco Di Betta (Universita degli Studi di Milano)    Knowing and Necessity: How Can We Counterfactually Account for Our Mathematical Knowledge  
4.45-5.25pm  Alessandro Guardascione (University College Dublin)  Situating Evaluativism in Psychiatry: Exploring the Partnership between Analytic-Linguistic and Phenomenological Approaches. 
5.30-6.10pm  Michela Dianetti   (University of Galway)  Iris Murdoch and the ‘Mystical Novelist’: A Secular Mysticism Rooted in Simone Weil’s Concept of Attention 
March 15th     4-4.40pm  Liberty Conlon  (Trinity College Dublin)  What are the implications of Nietzsche’s use of Aristophanes for his overall tragic philosophy as presented in the Birth of Tragedy? How does this affect our understanding of his criticisms of Euripides? 
4.45-5.25pm  Mariane Oliverira (University of São Paulo)    The enquirer’s method and the “pre-scientific notions” on Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics B.1-2  
5.30-6.10pm  Greg Crowley  (University of Galway)  Husserl’s Methodology – From Realism to Idealism and Back   
March 29th   4-4.40pm  Jack Ryan  (Trinity College Dublin)    The status of Representationalism in Huw Price’s Global Expressivism 
4.45-5.25pm  Antonio Pio De Mattia (University College Dublin)  End or transformation: the reiteration of philosophical questions and the Transcendental-pragmatic response 
5.30-6.10pm  Catherine Barry  (Maynooth University)    Locke’s Peculiar Prerogative: Irish debate over toleration and the papal deposing power in the 1720s.