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Contents of the 2017/18 edition:

Editors’ Reflective introduction
Noel Kavanagh
Persons and Members
Andrew Brei
The Place of Feelings in Animal Ethics
Jan Deckers
Sentience, Personhood, and Property
Gary Francione
Animal Psychology and Free Agency
Jon Garthoff
Games, Fair-Play and A Sporting Chance: A Conceptual Analysis of Blood-Sport
Rebekah Humphreys
Mirror Reflections as Agents of Connectedness
Susanne Karr
Human- Animal Difference ‘Reloaded’: The Oikological Anthropology
Agostino Cera
Towards a Rights-Based Pedagogy in the Literary Animal Studies Classroom
Frances McCormack
Ethical Interanimality (Or Empathising with Non-Human Others)
Sam Ben Meir
Close Strangeness: On the Encounter
Boris Van Meurs
The Ethics of Love for Animals
Tony Milligan
On the Separateness of Human and non-Human Animals
Peter Morriss
The Biosemiosic Gaze of the Cosmic ‘Wholly Other’ in Jacques Derrida’s Posthumous Thought
Keith Moser
Two Kinds of Human Dignity?
Sebastian Muders