Irish Philosophical Society Yearbook 2020/21 

early view

We are in the process of completing this issue of the IPS Yearbook. Some articles are available now on ‘Early View’, below.

IPS is dedicated to making the contents of its Yearbook available as open access.

Editor’s Introduction

Cara Nine


Original articles

Feminist Epistemologies: Re-Conceptualizing Objectivity

Francesca Putignano


The ‘New Memory-Criteria’ of Identity

Paul Turner


Purely Cognitive Benefits as an Aim of Research?

Isabel Kaeslin


Science as Art:  A Deweyan Perspective

Juho Lindholm


The Global Commons: Antarctica and Use-Rights

Cara Nine


Covid-19 and Lockdown. Irish Philosophy Responds (More to be added soon)

Why we trust experts in times of crisis

Vittorio Bufacchi, March 25, 2020


Ethics and the virus: ‘nothing spoils mighty craic like ethics’

Vittorio Bufacchi, August 28, 2020


Sliming the experts

Nick Tosh


Covid, Risk-Aversion and Judgements of ‘Moral Taste’

Christopher Cowley