We aim to create a platform for postgraduate philosophy students at Irish Higher Education Institutions, enabling them to bond and share their research across the community. Our schedule for Spring 2022 is as follows:

Time zone: Dublin/London          Location: online (via Zoom)

DateTimeSpeaker (affiliation)Title
February 164-5pmMarten Kaas (University College Cork)Lessons from the Omithopter: Raising Ethical Machines
5-6pmMarta Dmuchowska (University College Dublin)Between powers and their manifestations
February 234-5pmEduardo Torres (Trinity College Dublin)“Strawson on Reference”
5-6pmCharles Piecyk (Maynooth University)Foucault and the ‘Invention of Man’
March 24-5pmCuizhu (Dawn) Wang (UCC)
Norms in the Lab
5-6pmCarl Dennis (National University of Ireland, Galway)Attention! How this may hold the key to consciousness
March 164-5pmJuliana de Albuquerque (UCC)Is Goethe a Philosopher?
5-6pmRoy Wroth (UCC)Operative Intentionality and Conatus
March 304-5pmDenise Kelly (UCD)The Trouble with Thick Nationalism: National Identity and Individuality in Anna Burns’ Milkman
5-6pmTakaharu Oda (TCD)Peirce’s Reception of Berkeley’s Theory of Causation: Contemporary Perspectives on Pragmatism

The speakers (following the sequence of the timetable)


Marten Kaas, University College Cork

Marten Kaas is a PhD candidate completing his studies at University College Cork on the philosophy of artificial intelligence and machine ethics. He has published on raising ethical machines as well as the capabilities of current artificial intelligence technologies.


Marta Dmuchowska, University College Dublin

PhD Candidate at University College Dublin


David Eduardo Torres, Trinity College Dublin

David Eduardo Torres is a doctoral student in philosophy at Trinity College Dublin under the supervision of Prof. James Levine. David’s areas of specialization are the philosophy of language and metaphysics, in particular, the intersection between them. Among his areas of competence are logic, aesthetics, and the history of analytic philosophy. David’s doctoral dissertation presents a critical re-evaluation of the work of British philosopher Peter Frederick Strawson. In general, David’s research focuses on reference devices, natural language semantics, and common-sense ontology.


Charles Piecyk, Maynooth University

Charles Piecyk is a Ph.D. student working under the supervision of Prof. Philipp Rosemann at the department of philosophy of Maynooth University. Charles has previously completed a Taught Master’s degree in the same institution (in 2018-2019), with a thesis on Foucault’s conception of man (as a product of modernity) in his book The Order of Things. Charles’s Ph.D. endeavour focuses on a related topic, being concerned with investigating the historical discourse(s) concerning the (possible) overcoming of the human in the West, in the light of Foucault’s archaeological method.


Cuizhu Wang, University College Cork

Cuizhu Wang is a PhD candidate completing her studies at University College Cork. Cuizhu is concerned with the dynamics of morality in the age of globalization. This concern led her to explore an empirical study in her PhD on social norms. In her PhD, Cuizhu investigates a specific philosophical theory on social norms through laboratory experiments and data modeling. The journey of the PhD studies has guided Cuizhu to learn and apply knowledges across academical disciplines including Philosophy, Behavioral and Experimental Economics, and Statistics.


Carl Dennis, National University of Ireland, Galway

Carl Dennis is currently studying for an MA (Values and Knowledge) in National University Ireland Galway. With Philosophy as Mind as Carl’s central concern, the seminar presentation will be in line with a publication of a theory of cognition and consciousness Carl has been working on.


Juliana de Albuquerque, University College Cork

PhD Candidate at University College Cork.


Roy Wroth, University College Cork

Roy Wroth is a PhD-track student of philosophy at UCC Cork, with a focus on Merleau-Ponty’s spatial sociality. Prior to entering philosophy, he taught and worked as an urbanist in the US, China and elsewhere. He holds a MA in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania.


Denise Kelly, University College Dublin

Denise Kelly is a doctoral student working under the supervision of Dr. Danielle Petherbridge in the School of Philosophy at University College Dublin, where she is researching the phenomenology of social phobia and agoraphobia. Her work centres around the theme of intersubjectivity, and alongside mental illness she works on topics such as nationalism, solitary confinement in prisons, and feminism. Denise holds an MA and a BA in Philosophy from University College Dublin.


Takaharu Oda, Trinity College Dublin

Takaharu Oda (he\it) is PhD Candidate and Provost’s Scholar at Trinity College, Dublin. For its thesis in early modern philosophy, it focuses on a pragmatist theory of causation in George Berkeley’s metaphysics of science. Recent publications include Irish Philosophy in the Age of Berkeley, co-edited with Dr Pearce (CUP 2020).

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